Uploadcare becomes the second-prize winner of the largest global tech exhibition in China

On June 25, Uploadcare took second place among many promising tech startups at Nanjing Tech Week 2020, one of the world’s largest tech festivals. Together with two other finalists, Uploadcare won financial grants and consultation packages on entering the Chinese market.

At the conference, we presented our end-to-end media pipeline for online businesses, which includes the world’s fastest file uploader, a smart image CDN, and an AI-driven image transformation engine. We placed particular emphasis on our innovative Adaptive Delivery technology, which detects the user's location and device parameters to achieve maximum compression while maintaining compelling visual quality.

This technology accelerates website speed and allows you to deliver the best possible experience to every user, even with a poor internet connection. On top of that, by using this solution, companies can cut down on hosting and infrastructure costs.

Over 460 projects were showcased at the exhibition, and the overall number of participants reached 3000. The judges commended the uniqueness of Uploadcare's image resizing algorithms (the world’s fastest), and recognized our impressive financial metrics and stable position in the market.

Over 8,000 customers, including Mozilla, L’Oreal, Sundance Institute, Paperless, and Totango have been using Uploadcare for 8 years. We've helped many of our clients save up to 92% on traffic and related costs, as well as cut their development time by 3 months.

Our platform, featured with the fastest cloud uploader and the best image CDN, helps reduce tech costs and time spent on image optimization and manipulation. But at the end of the day, it helps turn the crisis into development.

— Igor Debatur, CEO of Uploadcare

We hope this win will help us bring our product to a new market and develop more innovations to help businesses worldwide grow faster.

The Uploadcare Team

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