File Uploader

Flagship uploading GUI designed for to be user friendly. It’s a responsive HTML5 widget that fits your stack and branding. It’s easy to integrate. You can customize basic design via dashboard, or go deep with CSS & JavaScript.

File uploading

It’s literally in our name: Uploadcare ✨ Accept and store files from your users with one safe, robust and compliant solution. Use our ready-made uploader interface and infrastructure, or integrate the parts you need with flexible APIs.

Upload API

This API handles all things uploads: direct, multipart and URL uploading, adding custom metadata, getting malware scanner reports. It powers our File Uploader, but you can also access it directly to receive files via your own UI.

Uploading API clients

Integrate faster with our official API clients: JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java, Golang, Rust, Swift (iOS/macOS), Kotlin (Android).

File Uploader integrations

Add uploading superpowers to your app with wrappers and libraries for your stack: React File Uploader, Angular File Uploader, iOS File Uploader, Android File Uploader.

Upload sources

Allow file uploads from 14 sources. We support local storage, device cameras, any URLs, and most cloud services and social networks including Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Image Editor

Help your users upload better images. The File Uploader comes with a GUI-based image editor, featuring all primary photo editing tools: cropping, rotating, color tweaking and photo filtering. All in a sleek, intuitive design.

Accelerated uploads

Plug into a global infrastructure engineered specifically for uploads. Files travel to our servers via a network of accelerated nodes — like CDN in reverse, the system picks the nodes closest to your user to maximize speed and reliability at any scale.

Large files uploading

Large files are split into chunks and uploaded in concurrent streams to maximize upload speed. You can set the multipart threshold anywhere from 10 MB (default) to 100 MB. We support files up to 5TB in size.


Secure, compliant and durable storage for your files. Only originally uploaded files take up storage space: derivatives made with URL API are cached directly on our CDN, so you get unlimited file versions on the house 🎉

MIME-type filtering

Set up server-side validation: restrict the types of files that can be uploaded to your project.

File size validation

Set the maximum file size for uploaded files on the server side, up to 5TB.

Uploading CNAME

Use your own domain name for the Upload API and source endpoints, e.g. upload.mydomain.com instead of upload.uploadcare.com. You can use the same domain across several projects.

Custom OAuth apps

Directly connect your app to external upload sources via oAuth 2. Users will now see your app name, icon, and legal documents when authenticating with Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox etc. to upload files.

Signed uploads

Control who can upload files to your account by authenticating upload requests. You generate a token on your backend (HMAC/SHA256 signature) that your app will pass to File Uploader or API to allow uploads.

Malware protection

Your uploads are continually scanned for infected or malicious files using ClamAV, a high-performance antivirus engine.


Smart CDN

Every uploaded file is immediately available on the Uploadcare Smart CDN: a multi-vendor global network with a proprietary layer that delivers maximum speed and on-the-fly transformations via URL API.

On the fly image optimization

The most efficient way to process images. Chain operations with URL API, simplify batch image processing, and let our Image CDN create lighter, optimized images automatically.


Deliver remote media files. Use Uploadcare CDN with your existing assets — just add a prefix to the URLs and your files will be distributed from our CDN. On-the-fly image processing works with Proxy too.

Auto responsive images

Deliver always perfect image formats for any page layout and each device. Our CDN generates image versions on the spot based on the layout and client’s device properties. We’ve built lr-img: universal web component that do it all for you: works with <img>, srcset, <picture> or css backgrounds.

Multiple CDN vendors

Why rely on only one CDN provider? We deliver across multiple CDNs, with routing optimization to maximize performance. And if you depend on a specific infrastructure, you can bring your own CDN.

Search engine indexing

Prevent search engines from analyzing and indexing content in your projects. Uploadcare adds response headers to restrict indexing of any files in your project, making sure your files don’t turn up in search results or impact your overall SEO.

Signed URLs

Grant access to specific files for specific users. Signed URLs contain authentication tokens that give access only ones with the link.


Use your own domain for CDN links to your files stored on Uploadcare. Replace the default ucarecdn.com domain with e.g. cdn.mycompany.com for your URLs.



The simplest way to process images on the fly. Each of your images has a unique URL that you can append transformations to, chained with /-/ dividers. They’re intuitively named, easy to learn, and they happen instantly on our CDN when image versions are requested for delivery.

Smart image compression

Reduce the size of your images by up to 70% with the fastest compression algorithm on the market. It compresses images to just before human-visible artifacts can appear, so there’s no loss of quality. All automagically, of course.

Automated AVIF and WebP

Optimize images with the next gen formats. AVIF beats JPEG with around 30% less file size with similar visual quality and WebP is a great modern all-rounder with transparency support and both lossy and lossless compression methods. Our CDN chooses the output format automatically based on the user’s browser support and the image properties.

Auto image format

Give modern browsers the modern image formats they need: smaller and snappier to load. Convert images on the fly into WebP, AVIF, PNG, or JPEG, or ask Uploadcare to select the best format automatically based on each user’s browser support.

Resize & crop

Request the correctly sized images on the fly. These two related geometric operations happen on CDN via URL API, which means your original image is preserved. Their order matters: if you resize an image first, crop will be applied to the new size.

Content-aware smart cropping

S​ay goodbye to manual media editing. Content-aware smart cropping finds the main subject of an image and automatically trims the background areas around it to fit the scale and dimensions you need. It recognizes faces, objects, and high-contrast areas, with many options to fine-tune.

Smart resize

Content-aware resize helps retaining original proportions of faces and other visually sensible objects while resizing the background using intelligent algorithms.

Zoom objects

Scale objects similarly across multiple images. Zoom in 1-100% to objects in your images, detected automatically by our AI. Original image resolution is preserved.

Background removal

Remove backgrounds with chilling accuracy with remove.bg: the industry standard in background removal AI. Access the add-on right inside the Uploadcare platform: no friction, no backgrounds, no worries!


A quick way to make photos look better: automatically apply levels, contrast, and saturation sharpening.

Color adjustments

Adjust basic image properties (brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation etc); deliver grayscale and inverted colors.

Color profile management

Accurately convert CMYK to RGB using ICC profile data embedded in images. Include or strip the profile data after conversion.

Photo filters

Add a distinct look and feel to photos across your website with our library of photo filters.

Blur & sharpen

Apply Gaussian Blur or sharpen effects with handy URL operations. Need to blur faces? Simply add the faces option and let our AI do the rest!


Layer images one over another and use intuitive URL operations to set transparency and mutual positioning. Especially useful for watermarking.

Rotate & flip

Rotate, flip, and mirror. Or set up an EXIF-based automatic rotation. It’s all in there 🔁

Face detection

This specialized algorithm returns accurate coordinates of faces in photos, making it easy to automatically crop, blur out, or tag images of people. Use face detection to automatically generate perfectly centered and standardized profile pictures at scale.

Color recognition

Get the prevailing colors in an image. Specify the number of colors you want and recieve a JSON with RGB values. Use it to, for example, build color-based search filters.

Video processing

Encode video files from all popular formats to MP4, WEBM, OGG, and even GIFs (it’s pronounced gif 🤓). Adjust quality, dimensions, cut out sections, generate thumbnails and more. While image processing happens instantly via URL API, video processing requires you to start a job via REST API.

Document conversion

Rule the office by ruling the entire office suite, with reliable conversion between popular Microsoft, Apple, OpenDocument, text, data and even Adobe file formats. Most docs can be converted to images, too.

GIF to video

Animated GIFs are known not only for memes but also for huge file sizes and a battery drain while playing. Convert them to modern and efficient MP4 and WebM on the fly.



Powerful API to handle all things files. Use it to access and manipulate your files, fire up platform add-ons, and access low-level Uploadcare features. Storage, webhooks, custom metadata, object recognition, background removal, video and docs conversion — it’s all here.

Content info

Fetch detailed insights on your uploaded files, individually or in bulk. Review MIME types, size, resolution, format and metadata.

Custom metadata

Let Uploadcare be your complete file backend: add custom metadata to your files and always know what’s what. Write order numbers, item IDs, author names – you name it!

AWS Rekognition

Get to know your media with machine learning. Tag people, objects and other content classes in your images, with accurate confidence levels. This feature uses AWS Rekognition DetectLabels operation.


Subscribe to file events and trigger corresponding actions within your app. For example, get a notification when a file is uploaded or if the uploaded file is infected.

Multiuser projects

Get your team on board. Add multiple collaborators to your projects, with access to project files and settings.

Usage analytics

Gaze upon hi-res usage data — only a dashboard click away. Track your uploads, CDN traffic, locations... and bandwidth we’ve saved you ✨ Learn where your users are coming and uploading from. Understand your file types, sizes, and processing stats, and see how you’re using APIs, webhooks, libraries and more.

Access logs

Review all API requests (POST, GET, PUT, DELETE), errors, and infected files in your Dashboard.

Custom storage

Automatically copy files to a custom Amazon S3 bucket instead. One bucket connects to one or more Uploadcare projects. Great for building deep file management customization and complying with company storage policy.

Backup storage

Protect your stored files with backups to a custom S3 bucket. Connect the bucket once, and the system will copy all incoming files as they come.


Switching to Uploadcare from another file management provider? We’re humbled — and happy to help! Use our free Migro Tool to make the process a breeze of automation.