Process images on-the-fly with an intuitive URL API

Image ID
Smart compression

Per-image quality settings, no human involved

Our AI analyzes an image and adds the correct compression level just before visual artifacts appear. Combine it with auto format selection, and you’ve got 
the best compression to quality ratio on the market.

50–60% smaller file size compared to the most popular open source solutions

Smart crop

Keep what matters in the frame

Make any image fit your layout without losing meaningful parts. Smart CDN detects faces, objects and corners to set the cropping frame.

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Smart resize

Generate missing background

Extreme resize ratios won’t affect objects. The Smart CDN algorithm will detect the background and stretch it accordingly.

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Multi-vendor CDN

No matter how big your CDN vendor is, sooner or later outage will happen. We use multiple CDN providers at once. It expands our global presence and drastically reduces the probability of a major outage.

Smart CDN
  • 325,000+nodes worldwide
  • 135countries
  • 3CDN providers
Unified platform

The edge of an entire file handling system

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