Adaptive Delivery

Fully automated responsive images

AI-optimized compression
AI-optimized compression
Applies the best size-to-quality ratio without visible artifacts.
Serve correctly sized images to high pixel density devices.
Lazy loading
Lazy loading
Boost First Contentful Paint by loading offscreen images only on scroll.
Analyze the user's context and serve images tailored to specific screens.
On-the-fly transformations
On-the-fly transformations
Add custom server-performed operations like crop, filters, watermarks, and more.

One script to rule them all

Adaptive Delivery eliminates all image-related frontend routines. Simply add one line of code and mark all image-handling tasks as completed.

Reduce unnecessary traffic and optimize your overall website performance with just one tool

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Uploadcare helps Shogun reduce image-delivery costs by 86%, uploading and processing any product images, promotional banners, and social proofs, which our clients are making with our site.
Reduced traffic costs by 86%
Finbarr Taylor
CTO & founder

Comes as part of a robust ecosystem

Bi-directional CDN
With 288,000 acceleration nodes under the hood, Uploadcare ensures 4X faster uploads and 8.9X faster delivery.
Powerful API
The friendly yet powerful API with extensive docs will ensure maximum workflow efficiency.
Advanced data security
Data encryption, access control, backups and more with the full support of Uploadcare engineers.

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