JavaScript File Upload Library

Enable rock-solid and secure uploads at lightspeed. Integrate a powerful, secure, and customizable file uploader into your web application with Uploadcare’s JavaScript File Upload Library. Boost your project’s performance and enhance user experience with our easy-to-use, feature-rich solution.


Uploadcare’s JavaScript File Upload Library offers a wide range of features designed to streamline your project and optimize file handling:

Integrated Cloud Storage

Enjoy seamless integration with popular cloud storage providers, making it easy to store and manage your files in the cloud.

File Moderation

Automate content moderation and maintain control over user-generated content by screening uploaded files for inappropriate or harmful material.

Malware Protection

Secure your application and users by scanning uploaded files for malware and blocking any suspicious files before they reach your system.

File Validation

Ensure only the right files are uploaded with customizable file validation settings, such as size and format restrictions.

Accelerated Upload

Experience lightning-fast file uploads with our intelligent network routing and automatic file compression.

Storage and CDN

Efficiently store and deliver your files globally with Uploadcare’s reliable storage solution and high-performance content delivery network (CDN).


Keep your files safe with our secure infrastructure, SSL encryption, and advanced access controls. Signed uploads work for a particular Uploadcare project.

Multipart File Upload

Upload large files efficiently with our multipart file upload feature, which breaks files into smaller chunks and uploads them concurrently for faster and more reliable uploads.

How to Get Started

Setting up the Uploadcare JavaScript File Upload Library is a straightforward process. To ensure seamless integration with your project, follow these steps:


Begin by adding the Uploadcare library to your project. You can either include the library directly from the CDN or install it using a package manager like npm or yarn. Our comprehensive documentation provides detailed instructions on installing and configuring the library to suit your project’s needs.

Uploadcare Upload Client

An Upload API wrapper to work with Node.js and browser

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npm install @uploadcare/upload-client
import { UploadClient } from '@uploadcare/upload-client'

            const client = new UploadClient({ publicKey: 'YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY' })
That’s it!

You now have everything you need to implement an end-to-end file upload in JavaScript!

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Integrations with popular JS Frameworks

Uploadcare’s JavaScript File Upload Library is designed to work seamlessly with various web development frameworks and libraries and is completely framework-agnostic.

PlatformHandle all files smart & RESTfully
Ship faster with a complete file platform in your toolbelt. Use integrated apps to validate, manage and analyze files. Create custom workflows and sprocess in batch via REST API.
UploadingEnable obsessively friendly file uploads
Friendly to users and developers alike. Our HTML5 uploading widget and underlying API fit your stack, tick every box, and look great on any device.


Developers and businesses worldwide rely on Uploadcare’s JavaScript File Upload Library for their file handling needs. Here is what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience with Uploadcare.


“In-house file infrastructure? No thank you. With Uploadcare, we save 40 hours of per week and decrease the total cost of ownership (TCO) on infrastructure development. More to ask?”

Yakov Karda
Yakov Karda
CEO & co-founder

“For us to build the functionality we use, it would probably take a team of 3 or 4 developers several months. Using Uploadcare, we've basically taken a shortcut. We haven't had to build any uploading or image-processing infrastructure ourselves, so we've saved a bunch of dev work. This part of our software is just handled. It's not something we need to worry about.”

Finbarr Taylor
Finbarr Taylor
CEO & co-founder

“Before using Uploadcare, I just did all the image processing myself with scripts. It was a nightmare. It’s a lot more work, and it’s not interesting work.”

Sergey Bliznetsov
Sergey Bliznetsov
Front End Architect


Discover how a solo founder implemented file uploading in an hour.

Joshua Anderton, founder
Joshua Anderton, founder
Initially, the implementation took about an hour. I integrate Uploadcare with all of my side projects now, and it takes minutes, especially with a Ruby on Rails site. Add the gem, place the helpers in the template, and I’m going. Today, it would probably take 10 to 20 minutes.

Releasing to Production?

When it’s time to deploy your project to production, Uploadcare provides the tools you need to ensure optimal performance, security, and scalability. Fine-tune your file-uploading solution for production environments.

No Hidden Costs Inclusive of Storage & CDN.

Uploadcare’s File Upload Library comes pre-integrated with cloud-based file storage, hosting, and a global CDN.

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Hassle-free Infrastructure.

Forget about configuring servers, buckets, security policies, or roles – all you need is Uploadcare’s File Upload Library and an API key.

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