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Monthly uploadsCost per 1000


Monthly bandwidthCost per GB

5 TB$0.150
25 TB$0.100
75 TB$0.080
200 TB$0.067
500 TB$0.060
1 PB$0.055

StorageCost per GB / mo

5 TB$0.20
25 TB$0.18
75 TB$0.15
200 TB$0.13
500 TB$0.10
1 PB$0.08

Frequently asked questions

What happens when I exceed my plan?
The limits are soft, which means you can still use your account as usual and pay for extra usage at the end of the billing period. The prices are listed in your dashboard. The Free plan becomes unavailable when any of the limits are exceeded.
How do I pay?
You can pay with a credit card, which you can add in your account. Also, we accept wire transfers for large amounts. Please contact sales for this option. Other payment options aren’t available due to security reasons.
How do you count uploads?
Files smaller than 100 MB (most files) take one upload. Larger files take one upload per 100 MB chunk. For example, uploading a 1 GB (1024 MB) video will take 11 uploads.
What is counted as storage usage?
All original uploads to your Uploadcare projects. Versions of transformed images don't take up any storage space, and they get cached on the CDN. Tip: If you need files temporarily, turn off Auto Storing and all newly uploaded files will be deleted in 24 hours.
Is there a file size limit?
It depends on your pricing plan: 100 MB on Free, 100 MB on Start ($45/mo), and 5 GB on Scale ($385/mo). Our technical max file upload limit is 5 TB, so you can set the limit you need by contacting us.
What about nonprofit and educational discounts?
K-12, higher education, and nonprofit organizations can get a 30% discount. For more information and to apply for a discount, please contact sales.
How do you help startups?
Any startup can get 70% off a Scale plan for one year. You can get even more if you come from one of our trusted accelerators. Apply for the discount.
How do I get a volume discount?
We offer discounts for higher-tier plans. The more you spend, the less you pay. Contact sales.
Can I have a custom CNAME?
You can add your own CNAME at an additional price (not on the Free plan). File URLs and API endpoints can start with your own custom domain: CDN and Proxy URLs ($10/mo), Upload API and Social Source API endpoints ($50/mo). The Scale plan already includes these CNAME options, and you can add more if you need.
Is your software HIPAA compliant?
Our infrastructure is HIPPA compliant by design, and we provide official HIPAA compliance to medical organizations upon request. Just contact sales, and we’ll qualify your system and sign the papers.
Can I use my own CDN or add a caching layer?
Yes, we offer a сustom CDN integration feature on high-volume plans. Contact us to discuss the details and we’ll set it up for you.
What file formats do you support?
You can upload, store, and deliver files of any type. Image files can be processed on the fly with our Image Processing API. Documents and videos can be processed via our Document and Video APIs. Other file types will be served as is.
Who owns uploaded files?
All files belong to you after uploading and perpetually into the future. However, the fact of uploading doesn’t provide you with legal ownership. Files that infringe someone’s copyright may be deleted, and you will be sent a notification.
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