• 100 upload units
  • 1 GB traffic
  • ∞ transformations
  • ∞ smart operations
  • 100 MB storage
  • 15,000 upload units
  • 150 GB traffic
  • ∞ transformations
  • ∞ smart operations
  • 15 GB storage
  • 120,000 upload units
  • 800 GB traffic
  • ∞ transformations
  • ∞ smart operations
  • 120 GB storage

Frequently asked questions

Can I set up a custom CNAME?
There are two different CNAME options available with Uploadcare. The first is Custom CNAME where your asset delivery URL changes from to The second option is Custom Upload CNAME. It replaces the REST API endpoint that receives upload requests.
Does usage price depend on usage volume?
Uploadcare implements a subscription revenue model. The type of your subscription is governed by your pricing plan. Each type of subscription includes Commitment and Usage fees. Depending on your plan, you might have a pack of limits (CDN Traffic, Upload Units, and Storage) included in the subscription. Once you go beyond any limit, it gets considered as Usage, billed as Usage fee, and included in your invoice separately.
What if I only use my limits pack partly?
The limit pack included in your subscription can be used partly. If you are using a commitment-enabled plan, your partial use of limits won’t affect the commitment fee. However, if you’re using the pay-as-you-go model, you pay Usage fees reflecting the exact volume of limits used. The model is available as part of our Volume offering.
I’m a startup or nonprofit, how can you help?
We provide special tiers for startups and nonprofit. Such tiers are time-limited and tailored to the specifics of an interested party, requires signing the respective contract with Uploadcare.
What is the best level of SLA you can offer?
Uploadcare can offer up to 99.99% SLA as part of a custom offering. Please, contact us to learn more.
Can I connect my own storage?
Uploadcare provides two mechanics to connect your own storage. The first one is about creating backups of content stored in your account. The second allows using custom storage as part of your Uploadcare media pipeline. However, the latter allows using our platform as a digital asset management (DAM) system only, without access to media transformations and adaptive delivery functionality.
What is a media pipeline?
Media pipeline is a single system capable of receiving, managing, storing, processing, and serving visual content to your end-users. Depending on your plan, the pipeline may or may not include the Adaptive Delivery feature that adapts visual content to user context.
Can I handle sensitive medical data with Uploadcare?
With Uploadcare, you can handle protected health information (ePHI, PHI) that falls under the HIPAA regulation. To do so, please ensure that your Uploadcare subscription includes the following features: Secure Uploading, Secure Delivery, HIPAA Compliance. If some features are missing, upgrade your subscription and contact us to enable the features. You can also choose to contact us prior upgrading your subscription: our customer success team will then help you select the proper subscription based on your usage volumes and any specific requirements.
What is CDN traffic and how do you count it?
CDN traffic is generated by our Content Delivery Network. Each time an end-user requests media cached on CDN layers, serving the content generates traffic volume that’s a bit higher than the size of a requested file. We count the overall traffic from CDN nodes to your end-users for each billing period and include it in your invoice.