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Best-in-class file uploader

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Accelerated upload network

Unlimited image transformations

Worldwide CDN coverage

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Frequently asked questions

Who owns files and data that I upload to Uploadcare?
You do. You retain ownership of all the files and data you upload to your account.
Is Uploadcare secure enough, and can I trust it with my files and data?
Security is our top priority. We follow best security practices for storing user credentials and files. All your files are encrypted at rest, and you have full control over who and when can access them. We also implement proactive security measures, such as independent security audits and bug bounty programs. Read our Security Whitepaper to learn more.
Do you offer SLA?
We offer 99.9% SLA on all paid plans. If you’re looking for a custom SLA, please get in touch. Uploadcare systems have over 99.99% monthly uptime figures for most regions. See our status page  for current and historical status and uptime figures.
Can I use any alternative payment method instead of a credit card?
We can offer payments via bank transfers. This option is available on the Enterprise plan. Get in touch for more details.
Other alternatives such as PayPal, Bitcoin, etc. are not currently available.
How do you count uploads?
If you upload a file under 100 MB in size, it will count as 1 upload unit. Otherwise, we'll count each 100 MB chunk as 1 upload unit. For example, uploading a 270 MB file will be counted as 3 upload units. The counter of upload units will reset at the start of a new billing cycle. Ingress traffic is free.
What do you count as storage?
We count the total size of files stored in your account, and we count only original files. This metric is cumulative, so the storage counter doesn’t reset at the start of a new billing cycle.
What do you count as CDN traffic?
When you fetch files from Uploadcare CDN, we count the amount of data transferred towards end-users as CDN traffic. Using our image and video optimization tools, you can significantly reduce your traffic usage. The traffic counter will reset at the start of a new billing cycle.
Can I bring my own CDN?
Uploadcare delivers across multiple CDNs with routing optimization to achieve the best performance. If this is not an option for you for some reason, and you're looking to bring your own CDN, please contact us.
Do you charge for image transformations?
We don’t. You can use as many transformations as you need. When you request a new image variant, we count CDN traffic only.
Your processed image variants will not count towards your storage usage.
Do you have any special offers for startups?
Yes, we grant up to $2000 for eligible startups. You can check the requirements and apply here.
Do you offer education and non-profit discounts?
Yes, we do! Get in touch to find out more.