This page serves as a guide on Uploadcare billing process, explaining what charges may apply to your Operations, Traffic, and Storage usage.


Think of operations as a credit balance that is spent depending on the complexity of actions with your files using Uploadcare APIs: file uploading, image optimization and transformations, video processing, document conversion, outcoming webhooks and various API requests.

Any incoming API request or outgoing request (webhooks) is considered as 1 operation. However some advanced requests like background removal or AVIF image optimization require more operations to be performed.


Uploading volume

Every successful file upload results in an extra operation count for each 100 MB. Note that the file size is rounded up to the closest number divisible by 100 for calculation.

Malware protection

All uploaded files are screened for viruses. Please note that a single additional operation is deducted for every 100 MB scanned for viruses.


The cost of uploading a 20 MB file:

  • 1 operation for the API request.
  • 1 operation due to rounding up the file size to 100 MB.
  • 1 operation for the virus scan of 100 MB.

For a 250 MB file:

  • 2 operations for the API request.
  • 3 operations attributed to rounding the file size up to 300 MB.
  • 3 operations for the virus scan of 300 MB.

Uploading a file larger than 100 MB requires 2 API requests. Learn more about Multipart uploading.

Image processing

When you request an image from the CDN, you have the capability to perform multiple actions simultaneously. You can resize the image, apply effects, and enhance its loading speed, all with a single request. Regardless of the complexity of your request or the number of parameters applied in the URL, Uploadcare will charge you as follows:

  • 1 operation for a non-cached request
    Each request for an image that has not yet been cached on the CDN counts as one operation, regardless of the number of parameters applied to the file via the request URL.
  • 0 operations for a cached request
    If an image is already cached on our CDN, accessing cached files does not count as operations.

Please note that, in addition to the number of operations, the CDN traffic generated by your requests also contributes to your billing.

There are certain tasks that require more computational power that will result in additional operations being consumed:

FeatureOperations per request
Image compression to AVIF format2
Animated images optimization2
Image transformations with facial detection2
Background removal750


Adjust the size, optimize, and convert the image format to WebP:

  • 1 operation for a unique URL.

Adjust the size, optimize, and convert the image format to AVIF:

  • 1 operation for a unique URL.
  • 1 additional operation for AVIF conversion.

Remove the background, add an overlay, and resize:

  • 1 operation for a unique URL.
  • 749 additional operations for background removal.


When your users request a file, Uploadcare only counts the traffic if the file is either the original or a cached version. However, if a file isn't cached and needs processing—especially if that processing involves complex transformations specified in the URL—it will use up additional operations based on the complexity of the tasks.

When a file is requested, original or processed, it gets cached on CDN. The lifespan of a file in the cache can vary depending on factors like how frequently it's accessed. Popular files that are requested often tend to stay longer. On the other hand, infrequently accessed files might be removed.

File management

Each API request counts as one operation. But some actions can count as extra operations, depending on how complex they are:

Detecting unsafe content in an image40 per image
Processing a video100 per minute
Converting a document100 per 50 MB
Auto-tagging an image40 per image

These operations affect your storage volume because each operation means a new file is uploaded. But, they don't affect your traffic usage.


Uploadcare calculates your operations and rounds up to the nearest thousand. So, if you've executed 1700 operations, we'll account for it as 2000.


Total amount of content that's been delivered from your account. To track how much traffic you're using, just check out the Analytics section in your Dashboard.


Total size of all the files you have stored in your account. Only the uploaded and stored files count towards this. Actions like CDN operations and image processing operations don't consume your storage space because the results are only cached on the CDN. However, operations like video processing or document conversion do affect your storage volume, as each operation results in a new file upload.

To monitor your storage usage, simply check the Analytics section on your Dashboard.

Plans and limits

DemoProBusinessBusiness Plus
Traffic5 GB75 GB200 GB400 GB
Storage1 GB50 GB125 GB250 GB
Max file size10 MB1 GB10 GB100 GB
Team membersPersonal use only345

Additional resources

Beginning with the Pro plan, we offer a pay-as-you-go model for additional usage, allowing you more flexibility and control over your usage. Any additional usage will be automatically charged at the rates specified below:

DemoProBusinessBusiness Plus
1,000 operationsNot allowed$0.50$0.45$0.40
1 GB trafficNot allowed$0.50$0.45$0.40
1 GB storageNot allowed$0.50$0.45$0.40

If you're interested in custom pricing and annual commitment, contact our sales team.