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File Uploader and Image CDN for Marketplaces

Convert more buyers and sellers with natively responsive product images that load ultra-fast. Upload, manage, deliver all UGC photos with a single pipeline.

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Turn sellers’ and buyers’ photos into competitive advantage

Scale your marketplace’s UGC photos and user experience with minimal custom work.

File uploader + image handling APIs

Safe storage with NSFW content filtering

Automated image editing and optimizations

Global CDN with leading image compression

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Uploadcare allowed us to get photo upload and cropping into our app within hours. More importantly, they are super responsive with support. We've been running this in production for months and our users love it.
Jeff Friesen | CTO
Jeff Friesen CTO
File Uploader
Help buyers and sellers upload quality product images

Secure product photos that sell with our leading file uploader. It’s mobile-friendly and a breeze for your users, with built-in image editor, drag-and-drop, sorting, filetype validation, and 14 file sources.

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Modern looks & experienceBuilt-in image editorUpload multiple imagesAny file type (up to 5TB)
Cloud storage & URL API
Store files, process images, moderate content

Manage UGC product photos in bulk from one place: image tagging, object detection, explicit and unsafe content detection, and dynamic image transformations with a handy URL API.

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Secure cloud storage & malware protectionBlur faces, add watermarksScale crop, smart crop, auto crop imagesAdd white background
Deliver smooth online shopping and load speeds

Accelerate your marketplace with worldwide image delivery. Our image CDN compresses images to the smallest possible format, saving up to 86% bandwidth while keeping your listing photos natively SEO- and mobile-friendly.

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99.99% SLA: no downtimeAuto quality, srcset & scalingHEIC, WEBP, AVIF supportProgressive & lazy loading
Full privacy and data protection compliance

Integrate in a heartbeat, no matter your stack

Uploadcare is stack-agnostic, with support for most programming languages and even no-code platforms, including Shopify, Marketo, Zapier and Make. Integrate once, customize every part of your workflow, and enjoy a lifetime of maintenance-free growth for your marketplace business.

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Dozens of ready integrations
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Uploadcare Platform features

Boost marketplace conversions and spend less time processing images

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Attracting more P2P donations with visually captivating images and videos

Learn how the leading peer-to-peer fundraising marketplace for nonprofits streamlined operations and drastically improved user experience by including our image and video uploading to their fundraising pages. All without “losing sleep at night” over scalability and traffic spikes.

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Modern image delivery

Accept all UGC product images. Convert and deliver on the fly between JPG and PNG to modern WEBP, AVIF, and HEIC formats

14 file upload sources

Native uploads from phone, PC, Google Drive, Meta, Dropbox and more. Integrate with Facebook and Instagram Marketplace.

Mobile-first images

Automate image size, format, quality and srcset. Fit images to listing design with smart focus point detection.

Detect & moderate content

Categorize images with AI, moderate unsafe content, blur faces and edit image metadata with automated workflows.

Smart image compression

Reduce image size by >80% with the highest image quality. Make listings load faster. Progressive & lazy loading also available.

Remove BG & add overlays

Easily add white backgrounds, overlays and watermarks to improve your listings and boost marketplace conversion rates.

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The 'return on investment' of Uploadcare is self-evident from day one, and that's just from the time savings. I can think of no reason why anyone should reinvent the wheel or even attempt to roll out their own solution from scratch. Uploadcare has brought file uploading, processing, and delivery to perfection.
Terence Hong | CEO
Terence Hong CEO
Best-in-class file uploaderIntegrated cloud storage & APIImage optimization to next-gen formatsContent-aware image crop and resizeDelivery through a worldwide CDN
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10,000 operations / mo, 5 GB
traffic / mo, 1 GB storage

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