We talked to Uploadcare users and here's what we've learned

Uploadcare is an image delivery pipeline designed to help businesses automate their workflows and boost business productivity — that’s how we see it. But how does it work in practice? To find the answer, we decided to talk to people who definitely have first-hand knowledge — our users.

We conducted a survey via Google Forms and asked them exactly how Uploadcare helps their businesses grow. Without further ado, let’s dive into the numbers.

Uploadcare saves time for 82% and eliminates manual work for 75% of users

To identify our strong points, we asked our users to point out all the benefits Uploadcare brings to their businesses. We got two absolute winners: most respondents say that Uploadcare saves them time and spares them manual file handling. There were also some other answers:

👉 61% of respondents say that Uploadcare helps them automate their workflow.

👉 32% say that they have noticed a positive influence on business metrics.

👉 16% say that Uploadcare protects their websites from traffic spikes.

37% of users say their websites got faster

Uploadcare provides a whole set of features for better load speed, including image compression, lazy loading, conversion to next-gen image formats, mobile optimization, and more.

We were glad to find out that 37% of users reported that Uploadcare helped their websites load faster: noticeably faster for 24.4% of users and much faster for 12.6%

Uploadcare increases revenue, visit duration and check

We asked our users how their business metrics have changed since they integrated Uploadcare and found out that:

👉 32% of users noticed an increase in their monthly revenues. What’s more, 8% of them reported a whopping 60-100% increase.

👉 28% of users reported an increase in average check on their main websites.

👉 27% of users say that their websites’ average visit duration has increased.

Nearly 70% of respondents would recommend Uploadcare to others

We were also pleased to find out that the majority of our users are happy with our product and ready to recommend us to others as an efficient and reliable platform that automates media workflows. We appreciate it and will do our best to justify your confidence. The next target is 100% ;)

Wrapping up

This survey helped us understand how and why our customers use Uploadcare — now we know where we’re the most useful and where there’s room for improvement.

Uploadcare provides a wide range of features for automation of the media workflow. The survey showed that some of our features still require a better presentation to be used widely. Our main task at hand is to show our customers how to use Uploadcare to the max. This way, the next survey should reveal even higher increases in business metrics.

— Viktor Bieriestniev, CMM at Uploadcare

If you feel like your image delivery pipeline can be improved but you’re not sure how, or you just want to learn more about our new features, schedule a technical demo — a 20-minute talk with one of our technical specialists can save you hours of work and terabytes of resources.

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