Uploadcare Joins Forces with Tiugo Technologies

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey: Uploadcare has officially joined forces with Tiugo Technologies, a well-known PSG portfolio company. This collaboration marks a major step forward for us, and we are enthusiastic about the new opportunities it presents.

In 2011, a group of tech enthusiasts — adepts in web development and image processing — came together to establish Uploadcare. Their mission? To simplify and enhance file management for developers. Fast forward to today, and we’re proud to say that our platform has earned the trust of big names like PandaDoc, Jasper, Shogun, GemPages, and Zapier. With Uploadcare, users can upload, store, transform, optimize, and deliver images, videos, and documents to billions of end users. On top of that, our multi-vendor CDN ensures everything runs seamlessly and swiftly.

Igor Debatur, our CEO, encapsulates it perfectly: “We built Uploadcare with a single objective in mind — to make it simple and easy for software developers to manage files for their projects”. “Our product ecosystem helps address this need, and through continued innovation, we’re committed to providing our diverse, digital-forward customer base with the solutions they require. We’re eager to continue to serve our customers in even more powerful ways in collaboration with Tiugo and with the support of PSG.”

Being a part of the Tiugo Technologies family, alongside platforms such as TinyMCE, CKEditor, and ButterCMS, opens new doors for us. It’s an exciting opportunity to integrate our file management expertise with Tiugo’s comprehensive suite of developer tools, reinforcing our shared vision of empowering software developers and content creators.

Paul Russ, Principal at PSG, notes: “The acquisition of Uploadcare adds another strong developer platform to Tiugo’s growing family of developer tools”. “We’re excited to support Tiugo Technologies as it offers an expanding collection of solutions that help empower developers and product managers to accelerate digital transformation.”

What does this partnership mean for our users? Expect enhanced features, robust tools, and the same commitment to hassle-free file management. We’re here to make your work easier and more efficient.

To learn more about what’s happening and what is coming up, check out our website at uploadcare.com. And if you’re curious about Tiugo Technologies and their cool tech tools (ButterCMS, TinyMCE, and CKEditor), explore tiugotech.com. For the latest on PSG and their tech investments, visit psgequity.com.

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