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Don’t get slowed down by DIY building a digital product. Integrate

When building a digital product, the choice between integrating a solution and DIY is often the choice between a rocket and a snail. Here’s why.

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How we built Uploadcare and made it cash-positive

Here’s a recap of an interview of Igor Debatur, Uploadcare CEO, by Indie Hackers about growing our product and the insights we gained on the way

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Getting GDPR compliant faster through Privacy Shield

This article shows you a shortcut to GDPR compliance by implementing Privacy Shield first. Pay attention if your company is registered in the US.

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GDPR for SaaS in plain spoken English

This article walks you through the process of becoming a GDPR-compliant service provider if you’re a SaaS company

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Uploadcare on social networks and cloud servers security

Uploadcare allows users to upload files from social networks and cloud services. Is it really safe? Find the answer in this article.

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How to get raw Google Analytics data using Keen IO

Eventually, everyone who has been happily using GA hits the same wall: there’s no way to get access to raw GA data. Here’s a workaround for this problem.

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How we use a Typeform and Intercom integration to nurture our most important leads

Several months ago we started to capture lead requests coming from our website. In this article, I’ll describe how we use Typeform and Intercom to automatically manage a bulk of enterprise, dedicated, and demo requests...

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