SVG transformation and rasterization

Any image transformation CDN URL is valid with an SVG file. Most operations don't affect the response SVG body, while geometric operations (crop, preview, resize, scale_crop) change SVG attributes and work as expected.

To apply full range of operations on SVG file, it should be rasterized by applying -/rasterize/ operation.

Note: Operation is safe to apply to any image. Non-SVG images won't be affected by this operation.

Rasterized image

Rasterized SVG image -/rasterize/

Blurred image

Blurred image -/rasterize/-/blur/50/

Blurred image

Inverted colors -/rasterize/-/invert/

The following elements may not be correctly rasterized:

SVGs uploaded before May 26, 2021 still have is_image: false and adding processing operations to them will result in error. Contact support to batch process previously uploaded files.