Widget 2.8.0. Video capture

widget March 14, 2016

Now your users can capture video right from the camera tab if a browser is capable (Firefox and latest Google Chrome at the moment).

We've switched from YUI Compressor to UglifyJS and CSSO. The size of minified library is reduced by 15%, gzipped size by 8%.

CommonJS compatibility added. This allows you to use the widget in NodeJS, Browserify and Webpack environments.

New library builds were added (in addition to uploadcare and uploadcare.all):

  • uploadcare.api — without jQuery and UI. Only upload API client.
  • uploadcare.lang.en — stripped localization to reduce the size, only English is included.
  • uploadcare.ie8 — with jQuery 1.12.1 (IE8 does not work with jQuery 2+).

See it in action. You can find full changelog entry here

Widget 2.7.0

widget March 10, 2016
  • Camera tab is disabled on non HTTPS sites due to the latest browsers' rules.
  • The widget constructors raise errors if no elements ware matched for provided selector and prints warning if more than one element is matched.
  • Built-in jQuery upgraded to 2.2.1.
  • File's MIME type is exposed to Javascript info.

See it in action. You can find full changelog entry here.

Copy files by Group URL

rest api February 24, 2016

REST API copy file requests now support "file in group" URL as a source parameter. Previously you had to know the individual file UUID or URL.

For example, now you can do this:

$ curl -X POST \
       -H "Authorization: Uploadcare.Simple demopublickey:demoprivatekey" \
       -d "source=https://ucarecdn.com/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx~10/nth/5/" \
       -d "store=true" \

MIME type in Upload API

upload api February 02, 2016

File info that is available via Upload API is now exposing uploaded file MIME type.

Introducing "Product Changes"

dashboard February 02, 2016

We're adding product changes to our website! We will be announcing changes and additions to our APIs, dashboard, widget and major updates for our libraries and plugins.

Widget 2.6.0

widget January 09, 2016

Image crop and preview for most files are significantly faster in this update. Previously all files were uploaded to the server and appropriately resized versions were downloaded from CDN for preview. This meant that the user was forced to wait during file uploading, image resizing and delivery over the network.

Starting from version 2.6.0 the widget attempts to render local files as images using HTML5 APIs. This gives the ability to deliver, crop and preview immediately. Of course, browsers are not able to open all image formats which our servers are. In the case files can't be rendered on the client side, they will be handled in the old way.

This significantly speeds things up when possible (vastly improving UX) but will not affect other cases.

You can find full changelog entry here

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