Serverless File Uploads with Zapier

Zapier helps create automated workflows by moving info between apps. Such workflows are called Zaps, are easy to build and require no coding skills.

Pick a Zap from the list below to give it a try right away or learn more about using them.

Zaps to try


Uploadcare Zaps insights

Zaps are created using three types of building blocks:

  • Triggers watch for events in apps. Once an event occurs, it kicks off a sequence of Searches and Actions.
  • Searches are there to look up existing data.
  • Actions create new items.

You can use the following building blocks with Uploadcare:

  • “New File Uploaded,” a Trigger that is activated when a new file gets added to your Uploadcare project.
  • “Upload File,” an Action that uploads a file to your Uploadcare project.

Note, your Uploadcare project is identified by a unique Public Key / Secret Key pair. This means you can create different Zaps with a single UC account and even use that account for side projects.

Zapier gives you the power to integrate Uploadcare with hundreds of other apps. For instance, you can get notified about newly uploaded files in Slack or automatically add new Dropbox or Google Drive files to Uploadcare.

Now, enough talking, go Zap it 🚀