Content Delivery

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a system of servers deployed in multiple data centers across the world. When someone pulls a file from CDN, that file is transferred to a client device via a server closest to the location of that client, which is way faster than using a route to some remote machine. Also, your file is cached on multiple servers. Hence you always get a better uptime.

Uploadcare features a powerful and secure CDN that delivers your files across the world, fast. Once you upload a file via our widget or APIs, you get a CDN link holding your file UUID. Here’s how it usually looks like:

Every file you upload seamlessly goes to our CDN, and the link you get is then used to access it. Identifiers act as file entities on our system: every action is performed using file UUIDs. That’s the default behavior when using the Uploadcare storage.

You can define a custom storage in your Uploadcare project. That allows you to move any of your files there.

The file URLs you get can be used not just for delivery, Uploadcare features a powerful file processing engine that handles images, GIFs, video, object recognition, and more.

Check out our Quick Start to see what CDN URLs are like and where they come from or read on to learn more.