Possible UC Optimize errors

[HTTP 400] Domain <yoursite.com> is not registered

You did not register a UC Optimize domain for your sites by dropping us a line at hello@uploadcare.com.

[HTTP 400] Domain <yoursite.com> is not allowed

You tried fetching a file from a domain that was not allowed. Check settings or contact us to add the domain as allowed for your account.

[HTTP 400] Failed to parse file URL

Your prefix was added to an invalid URL. Consider checking that URL.

[HTTP 404]

You tried fetching an unreachable file. Consider checking its URL.

[HTTP 502] 'is_ready' timeout

A problem occurred when trying to upload a file to storage. Perform another try sometime later or contact us.

Other errors

Since Media Proxy uses the from_url method, you can also get general errors related to the Uploading API or specific from_url errors.

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