UC Optimize

UC Optimize is your autopilot when optimizing images, GIFs, videos, and other assets. It’s a no-hassle method of accelerating your web or mobile app, achieving better load times and SEO rankings to boost your company’s growth.

Accelerate Images and Video

Images and video are the heaviest load times. Moving your assets to our Smart CDN greatly improves those in an intelligent manner: users score the best load times regardless of where they are. Also, it’s as simple as changing your image URL in a database. So really simple.

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Get Adaptive

Further optimize your media assets by making them adapt to user layouts and network conditions. Again, just modify your image URLs to get SEO-friendly filenames, better load times, and conversions. All that comes along with slashing your traffic costs.

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Cut Traffic Costs

Spend less of your hard earned cash on traffic, by optimizing your assets. That’s about slashing your image and video file sizes by changing their formats and adjusting the quality. All that lays at your fingertips as URL directives.

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Migrate to the Cloud

Want to upgrade your existing file infrastructure with zero hassle? Well, look no further friends. You’ve come to the right place. Once you start using UC Optimize, you’ll get an Uploadcare project holding all of your optimized assets.

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Finbarr Taylor
Finbarr Taylor
CTO @ Shogun
When comparing the costs of serving the equivalent unoptimized traffic, like with traditional CDN’s, using Uploadcare lets Shogun reduce their image bandwidth costs by 70% to 86%. In 2018, this resulted in infrastructure cost savings of just over $200,000.