Your Account, Projects, Keys

This section holds a brief summary of how you handle your Uploadcare account: create, manage, and configure environments.

It all starts with signing up for Uploadcare and navigating to your dashboard.

Uploadcare projects

The Uploadcare experience is centered around the concept of a project. Simply put, projects are environments that can hold varied files and settings. For instance, one project can be a target for your general uploads and another can implement extra security features.

Every Uploadcare account is created with a default project, so making one yourself is an optional step.

Project keys

Uploadcare APIs and API clients tell your projects from one another by their keys. There are two types of keys: public and secret. Around the documentation, we refer to those as public_key and secret_key respectively.

You can discover and manage your project API keys on its overview page. Go to your dashboard, click on the name of a project you want to configure and navigate to the “Keys” section in the sidebar.

Depending on which Uploadcare features you want to use, you will implement either your public_key or a key pair.

Public keys

The main use of a public_key is to identify a target project for your uploads. It is required when using Upload API or its clients such as Uploadcare Widget.

Secret keys

secret_key is required when using our REST API and related features such as Video Processing or Document Conversion. There can be multiple secret keys for any Uploadcare project.

Project settings

The left sidebar in your project view holds other settings outside of project API keys. Here is the outline of Uploadcare project sections and what you can configure:

  • Widget, that is where you can configure your file uploading widget UI and get code snippets needed to integrate the uploader. If you want to further advance in widget settings, check out our Widget Configurator.
  • Files, the section holds a complete list of files uploaded to the project and implements the uploading widget to manually add files.
  • Auto file storing, allows you to switch between the two modes: the default is allowing files to be automatically stored when uploaded to the project; another option is storing files manually which requires making an additional store request for the uploaded files to stay available. If not stored, files are removed from your project after a 24-hour time period.
  • Backup, allows to enable file backups. You can choose between the two options: S3 Bucket or Selectel Cloud Storage.
  • Custom OAuth apps, allows you to set up custom OAuth apps to ask your users for permissions to access their files and images stored outside of Uploadcare.
  • Custom storage, allows you to configure the File Storage behavior: uploads can go to your existing S3 bucket.
  • Webhooks, allows you to define a URL we will be sending Webhooks to.
  • Signed uploads, allows you to enabe Signed Uploads, a method making your project to only accept uploads provided with a signature included in the request.
  • Project, holds general settings: allows to rename or remove an Uploadcare project.

We’re always happy to help with code, integration, and other stuff. Search our site for more info or post your question in our Community Area.