JavaScript API — Upload Dialog and Panel

  • This documentation is for the version 3.7.0 of the widget. If you're looking for the JavaScript for Widget v2 docs, check here.

Upload Dialog is a modal window on top of your page. It contains a set of tabs with different upload sources and file preview. Upload Panel is the same thing, just in a non-modal form.

Open Upload Dialog

You can use openDialog to open a standalone upload dialog over your page,

var dialog = uploadcare.openDialog(files, tab, settings);


  • files, a file, file array or group that will be shown as already uploaded.
  • tab, a name of a tab opened by default when no predefined files are present.
  • settings, a settings object.

Open Upload Panel

openPanel is used to open an upload panel at any point on your page,

var panel = uploadcare.openPanel(placeholder, files, tab, settings);


  • placeholder, a selector or DOM element that will be replaced with an upload panel. This will be put back on your panel resolving.
  • settings, settings object.

Dialog API

Both dialog and panel instances implement the extended jQuery promise interface showing progress on a user tab.

dialog.done(function(result) {
  // Dialog closed and a file or file group is selected.
}); {
  // Dialog closed and no file or file group was selected.
  // The result argument is either null or the last selected file.

dialog.always(function() {
  // Handles a closing dialog regardless of whether or not files were selected.

dialog.progress(function(tabName) {
  // tabName is selected. progress() works when you click a tab name on the list.
  // Technically, it would work on any dialog progress, i.e. when preview appears.

In addition to the jQuery promise interface, dialog and panel objects have the following properties and methods,

resolve()methodResolve a dialog with currently selected files.
reject()methodClose the dialog and discard any file selection.
addFiles()methodAdd an array of files to your dialog result set.

Switch your dialog to a tab with a provided name. The name you provide should be present in the settings.tabs array.

fileCollcollectionA collection of selected files. Use it to subsribe and change events.
hideTab()methodHide a tab with a provided name.
showTab()methodShow a tab with a provided name.
isTabVisible()methodInquire if a tab with a provided name is visible.

Register a callback that will be called when tab visibility gets changed. “hideTab()” and “showTab()” provide tab visibility changes. Another example of a changing visibility would be Preview Tab. The first argument stands for the tab name, and the second is a boolean related to tab visibility.

You can find more customization examples here.

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