Uploadcare API keys

API keys are used to identify Uploadcare projects or implement advanced security features. You should be signed up for Uploadcare to get your API keys. Technically, that is how it goes like,

We’ve made a brief video that walks you through the steps.

Before signup

If you aren’t planning to sign up right away, you can always check out our Quick Start or interactively play with the widget options. In fact, you can also check out how our APIs work: just use demopublickey and demoprivatekey as keys for your testing environment. Keep in mind that those keys are related to a test account where we wipe out all the data every 24 hours. If you’re up to playing with our Media Processing, just open any image from our docs in a separate browser tab and modify its URL according to this reference.

Use this URL as a starting point,


About projects

Making a project is an optional step: one gets automatically created once you sign up for Uploadcare. The idea behind this point is that with many projects you can test many environments that differ in settings.

Public and secret keys

There are two types of keys you might need with Uploadcare: public_key and secret_key. The first one is used to identify an Uploadcare project uploaded files should go to. The second key is used for security purposes. For instance, Uploadcare Widget and Upload API require you to just use your public_key while you will also need a secret_key to use our REST API.

You can find and manage API keys for your project on its overview page. Open your dashboard, click on the name of a project and navigate to the “Keys” section in the sidebar.


You can give your feedback or ask questions around our community area or directly via email.

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