Widget Styling

  • This is for the version 3.x of the widget. If you're looking for the widget v2 docs, check here
  • Here’s how you migrate from v2 to v3.

Uploadcare File Uploader can be quickly integrated into your product. This is also the case with your user interface.

Scaling Widget Elements

Our widget is designed to organically inherit styles from your page: dialog elements get scaled in line with your font size. Check out the examples below:

Times New Roman, 12px:


Courier New, 18px:


Styling With CSS

The File Uploader is thoroughly annotated with CSS classes. That’s your starting point with deeper customization. You can find a class for every widget item by inspecting its elements or sifting through the widget source code.

The look of the File Uploader dialog is customizable via the uploadcare--dialog class.

Further Reading

To go even further with styling the widget, check out the following articles: