The Lab is where we create our future: new technologies and approaches for the Uploadcare web integrations. Here, our core purpose is to build a uniform ecosystem for the wide range of development stacks and environments — flexible, modern, and simple.


<lr-blocks> is a web component library designed to integrate Uploadcare products easily. It provides a set of custom HTML tags that may be added to the markup of any document or component template.

It provides solutions for the two major cases:

  • Media content representation via Uploadcare CDN features
  • Cloud file management based on the Uploadcare file platform

One of the key features of our integration ecosystem is a high level of available customization. It helps to support many use cases and fit many possible design requirements of our customers.

More about lr-blocks


A set of ready-made uploaders for the most frequent file uploading cases. Each uploader is highly customizable on its own and could be used as a custom build reference, but you can use it as is.

lr-uploader documentation


WIP. Universal web component for the efficient image representation on any page. It automatically generates a set of URLs for the initial image source with the desired parameters.

lr-img documentation


WIP. Rich UI for our on-the-fly image processing.

lr-cloud-editor documentation


blocks are powered by Symbiote.js a simple, light and extremely powerful library for creating embedded components and data channels between them.

Best for:

  • Complex widgets
  • Micro frontends
  • Reusable component libraries
  • Fast and reliable web applications
  • Framework-agnostic solutions
  • Meta-applications
  • JamStack solutions

Symbiote.js website