The Lab

Here we create our future: new technologies and approaches for the Uploadcare web integrations. The core purpose of the Lab is to build a uniform ecosystem for the wide range of development stacks and environments, with a high level of flexibility based on modern web platform features, avoiding overcomplications.


<uc-blocks> is the library of web-components designed to integrate Uploadcare products easily. We provide a set of custom HTML-tags that could be added into the markup of any document or component template.

We provide solutions for the two major cases:

  • Media content representation via Uploadcare CDN features.
  • Cloud file management based on Uploadcare file platform.

One of the key features of our integration ecosystem is a high level of available customization. It helps to support many use cases and fit many possible design requirements of our customers.

More about uc-blocks


A set of ready-made uploaders for the most frequent file uploading cases. Each uploader is highly customizable on its own and could be used as the custom build reference, but you can use it "as is".

uc-uploader documentation


WIP. Universal web-component for the efficient image representation on any page. It automatically generates the set of URLs for the initial image source with the desired parameters.

uc-adaptive-image documentation


WIP. Rich UI for our on-the-fly image processing.

uc-cloud-editor documentation


uc-blocks are powered by Symtiote.js — simple, light and very powerful library to create embedded components and data channels between them.

Best for:

  • Widgets
  • Micro-frontends
  • Reusable component libraries
  • Fast and reliable web applications
  • Framework agnostic solutions
  • JamStack solutions

Symbiote.js website