Media Processing

Uploadcare provides you with the powerful Media Processing engine capable of handling image, GIF, video transformations and object recognition on-the-fly. It works directly by modifying your CDN file URLs you get after uploading content via our widget, libs or one of the APIs.

Note, you get the full Media Processing experience if you use Uploadcare storage, while significant limitations arise with custom storage setups.

A usual CDN link holding your file UUID looks like this,

You can apply Media Processing operations by putting them in your file URLs after the trailing / using /-/ as a separator. If an operation you apply has parameters, those are also separated by a forward slash /. Here is an example of applying the resize image processing operation,

You can arrange operations in sequences: “pipe” them. Such sequences also specify the order in which your operations are applied to a media file. You can put any operation in media URLs several times.

Finally, you can append any string after the trailing /: it will serve as a filename for your media. It can be useful if your content management system checks URLs for “extensions,” if you simply want your links to look better or if you want to make SEO-friendly URLs.

In case of any questions, post them in our community area, shoot us a note via email or request a demo.

We’re always happy to help with code, integration, and other stuff. Search our site for more info or post your question in our Community Area.