Applying filters

Uploadcare features automatic image enhancement along with other filters like sharpening, blurring, desaturating, and more,



Auto-enhances an image by performing the following operations: auto levels, auto contrast, and saturation sharpening. :strength values should be in the range from 0 to 100. The default value is 50.

Original image. 28Kb

/enhance/50/ 33Kb

/enhance/100/ 38Kb



Sharpens an image, might be especially useful with images that were subjected to downscaling. :strength can be in the range from 0 to 20 and defaults to the value of 5.

Downscaled image. 13Kb

/sharp/10/ 16Kb

/sharp/20/ 18Kb



Blurs images by the :strength factor. The filtering mode is Gaussian Blur, where :strength parameter sets the blur radius — effect intensity. Technically, :strength controls the Gaussian Blur standard deviation multiplied by ten. The value of :strength might come up to 5000, while the default value is 10. Note, different :strength values do not affect the operation performance.

Original image. 16Kb

/blur/20/ 8Kb

/blur/100/ 6Kb


Desaturates images. The operation has no additional parameters and simply produces a grayscale image output when applied.

Original image.



Inverts images rendering a 'negative' of the input.

Original image.


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