Transformations help you perform media processing on the server. You can apply different transformations to images, videos and documents. All operations are non-desctructive so your original files stay intact.

Image Transformations

Image transformations help you resize, optimize, stylize images, create responsive images, etc. You can stack several transformations and tweak parameters. Image transformations are applied at the moment of a user request to that image over the CDN URL with the transformation directives.

GIF to Video

Convert GIF files to video and transform them on the fly. Video files are much smaller than GIFs, without any quality loss. Their delivery to end users is much faster.

Video Encoding and Transformation

Uploadcare Video Encoding optimizes your video content delivery. Video Encoding works via REST API by posting a processing request. In addition to encoding videos, you can apply video transformations to adjust video quality, format, and size with CDN URL operations.

Document Conversion

Uploadcare allows converting documents to the following target formats: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, ODT, ODS, RTF, TXT, PDF, JPG, PNG. Document Conversion works via REST API. After the conversion is performed, you can address the outputs via the respective CDN URLs.