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Uploadcare handles file uploads, storage, processing, and delivery for your website or app. All components of our solution including widget and CDN seamlessly work as a whole. Uploadcare requires almost no configuration but may provide thorough flexibility when it’s needed.

We aren’t focusing on our server-side framework or stack here. Instead, this section aims at helping you understand how our libraries work. Using any of our libraries will become easy once you’re done with this intro.

How does Uploadcare work

The three major components of Uploadcare are upload interface, storage, and CDN.

The upload interface stands for the browser widget and mobile components — stuff that allows users to make uploads. Each time a file is uploaded your application receives a CDN link with a unique file identifier — UUID. Those are also used by our APIs to copy, store or request detailed info about files.

The files you store are then available via CDN. The network is capable of delivering and caching original or processed file versions. Images, for instance, can be tailored to your needs on-the-fly when using Uploadcare CDN. This includes resizing, cropping, enhancing, and even more.


Registering with Uploadcare is simple. We try our best to get you up and running with our product in minutes. There are three major steps to take to complete the registration and get ready to integrate Uploadcare:

  • Free signup.
  • Creating a project.
  • Discovering your public and secret keys.

We’ve made a brief video that walks you through the steps.

Got any problems registering with us? Hit us up.


Once you’re equipped with Uploadcare account and a project, your uploads are almost there. If you’re integrating Uploadcare into a website your next step is to add our widget to your page. If you wish to go mobile with Uploadcare, you’ll need to integrate our library into your app. In some cases, it might be worth doing both.


Uploadcare widget is our major tool for web integrations. It’s provided as a typical Javascript library and can be easily embedded in your site. The widget is highly customizable to fit your needs. It supports multiple file uploads, manual crop, social networks and cloud storage integrations. That’s just a touch of the complete list of Uploadcare features. For instance, we provide a rich Javascript API to customize widget behavior.


It’s been mentioned that when a file is uploaded your application receives a CDN link with its UUID.

After the upload files are available via our CDN for 24 hours. Upon the expiry of the term the files are deleted. During the 24-hour term you can:

  • Store files in Uploadcare storage using the REST API so that you can benefit from our CDN and use on-the-fly image processing.
  • Copy original files or their processed versions to your S3 bucket using our API.
  • Download original files or their processed versions from the CDN for any other purposes.

Learn more about storage options.


There are two kinds of files available via the CDN through the server. Files of the first kind are the ones stored using the REST API. The second kind holds recently uploaded files, 24 hours ago at its max.

For example, you can easily display an image if you know its UUID:

<img src="" />

A file itself can be downloaded using the same link:

<a href="">
    Download file!

Image Processing

Uploadcare is capable of delivering files in a fast and reliable manner using our CDN. But there’s more to it. Uploadcare CDN allows users for on-the-fly image processing. This feature is put into action by using our simple DSL for image processing. Image processing operations and parameters are applied to an image through editing its URL. For instance, such approach provides for better handling of responsive images.

Uploadcare CDN supports operations like crop, resize, scale_crop, and effect. You can apply multiple operations to a single image by putting them into its URL one after another,

Further, you can append any filename to the link:

The complete list of CDN features, operations, and their parameters can be found here.

Enough talking, let’s get to practice

The Quick Start will walk you through the integration process.

We’re putting on all sail to make Uploadcare as useful and simple as possible. Make sure not to miss the other links on the left side of the page. There’s much more stuff to learn about Uploadcare.

We are always happy to hear from our users and anyone considering to use our service.

Hit us up if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Thank you!
Uploadcare Team