Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my API keys?

You can find and manage your project’s API keys on project’s overview page. Open dashboard, if you have no projects, create one. If you already have project click on it’s name and find “Keys” section.

Is free plan free forever?

Absolutely. You get what you have signed up for. If at some moment in future we change our pricing plans, this will affect only new customers.

Is there a file size limit?

File size limit is determined by your pricing plan, starting from 100 MB and up to 5 GB. We support uploads of very large (up to 5 TB) files too, so if you need to be able to handle files larger than 5 GB — contact us. If you want to reduce this limit for widget (e.g. allow only files less then 1 MB), you can use custom validation.

Can my users upload video or audio files?

Uploadcare will handle all file types: images, videos, audio, documents, archives, memory dumps and what have you.

Does your widget support localization?

Yes. We already support several locales and you can use your own. Also you can help us add new and improve existing localizations.

Do you support customization?