Use cases


The time when enabling people to use an avatar from Facebook was bothersome is long gone.

In less than an hour, enable your user to choose his avatar from any social network or even URL. Uploads from computer became more comfortable too, with drag-n-drop and progress bar.


Adding a picture to a blog post is now much simpler, if you don’t have to save an image on your computer and resize it manually before uploading.

For those who likes to have many images in their blogs, the fast CDN on modern technologies is going to provide a nice improvement to the experience of their readers.

Document flow

Uploadcare can be of help for internal document flow systems.

Attaching files to the discussion should not be a complicated process, as well as uploading images doesn’t have to take much time when you’re writing something important in WISIWYG.


If you’re working on online community, the usability of uploading photographs is really important. Using Uploadcare, you can focus on important things, while we handle stuff like hosting and image resizing.

And you will never have to put up with fixed size of an image anymore. Whatever size you need, it’s at your service right when you need it.


If your website is based on CMS, is its Drupal or even something custom on Django, Rails, PHP or anything else, Uploadcare can be integrated with no hassle — and save you all the troubles related to the files. Your content managers are going to thank you.

Take a look at our integrations list or drop us a line if you have something we’re not working with yet.

Bootstrapped Startups

If you’re building a proof-of-concept in a fast-changing environment, the last thing you want to do is to bother about file hosting.

Use our free plan to start your own adventure. Our goal is to help your endeavours, and we will be happy to hear what you are up to and how we can help you more.

If you like the simplicity, signup to start using Uploadcare. And don’t hesitate to 

contact us with any questions, suggestions or exclamations, if you feel like that.

The Uploadcare Team :-)