What is cloud hosting

Even though web hosting services have been available since the beginning of the Web, cloud hosting was a huge revolution in the early 2000s. Before that, hosting websites usually consisted of renting a single server or computing cluster. Cloud hosting, however, allows you to host websites or apps on virtual servers distributed throughout the cloud.

In short, cloud hosting is a type of web hosting that uses cloud computing to deliver apps accessible over the Internet, ensuring scalability, reliability, and efficient use of resources.

How cloud hosting works

Cloud hosting operates through sets of cloud servers, often distributed across different availability zones. These availability zones represent distinct geographic locations with their own power, cooling, and networking to enhance fault tolerance and stability.

This has some advantages over traditional web hosting, which is done on a single server. For example, cloud hosting offers the flexibility of scaling resources on demand, allowing your website to grow or shrink as needed without requiring any upfront payment. Additionally, cloud infrastructure ensures reliability—your website will remain accessible despite unexpected server problems.

This is why it’s a great option for those looking for a reliable hosting service that allows their business to grow.

Media cloud hosting

Cloud hosting enhances your website's performance by efficiently storing and delivering images, videos, and other media content. It eases the management of peak loads by evenly distributing the load across the infrastructure and using both vertical and horizontal scaling mechanisms.

With the power of the cloud, your media files load faster and service is guaranteed in every situation, ensuring a smoother and more engaging user experience for your visitors.

Image cloud hosting

An advantage of using a cloud hosting service is optimizing your customers' visual experience with advanced image pipelines for uploading, storing, optimizing, and delivering images. This allows you, for example, to resize and optimize images on the fly depending on the browser or device where they will be viewed, or deliver images with extensible APIs.

Video cloud hosting

High-quality videos are heavy and can put a significant load on a traditional hosting server even with a small amount of traffic. Just like with images, cloud servers help you save costs, reduce server lag, and provide a better user experience to your customers.

Why trust Uploadcare for your hosting needs

Uploadcare provides seamless file upload processing, empowering you to automatically optimize and transform images on the fly. With a robust cloud infrastructure and swift multi-vendor CDN delivery, Uploadcare is the ideal solution for all your file hosting needs. Its easy integration and API support enhance the flexibility and functionality of applications using file management services.

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