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Uploadcare makes it possible to upload from 11 different sources (and growing!), and you can enable only the sources your clients need. The client is authenticated to the third-party services using OAuth, so we don’t store any credentials. Customizing OAuth is available, so users will see your brand when granting access permission.

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  UPLOADCARE_PUBLIC_KEY = "your_public_key";
  uploadcare.registerTab("preview", uploadcareEffectsTab);

<input type="hidden" role="uploadcare-uploader" name="my_file"
      data-effects="crop,rotate,enhance,sharp,grayscale" />

In the simplest case, you can choose a file (or multiple files) from the local disk, and the upload starts immediately. You can also drag a file or files from a folder, and drop it onto the widget.

Uploading from the local disk is a traditional approach, considered by most people as the common method to deal with files on the web. However, this is not the only way to upload!

Upload from the URL

What if your user finds a nice image on the web, and wants to upload it? Does she need to download it first? Not with Uploadcare!

She can simply paste the URL of a publicly available file into the widget. Uploading from a URL is faster, because our system gets it directly from the source, saving time and Internet traffic for the user.

Upload from Dropbox

Dropbox is a popular cloud storage application, and many people keep their photos, documents and other files in it. So, why not retrieve them directly?

You can configure the widget to use Dropbox as an upload source.

Upload from Google Drive

This is ideal for users who store their stuff in Google. The user needs to authenticate only once, and every time he or she opens the Uploadcare widget, the entire drive becomes available to the user to choose and upload files!

You can filter starred items in your drive, in order to locate the files you need to upload more quickly.

Upload from Facebook

Are your clients Facebook users? You can let them choose photos directly from their Facebook account, as well as from their friends’ albums. Facebook integration works out of the box, and does not require any additional setup.

Upload from Instagram

Instagram is another social network that can be used as a source of photos. You can choose from your own photos, from the stuff you “like” or from the people following you. Also, you can search for photos in Instagram globally!

Upload from Box, Evernote, Flickr, OneDrive and VK

  • Box is a cloud storage option popular in the corporate world, and it can be used as a source of uploads for Uploadcare.
  • Your busy customers who like to organize their work may find it useful to Evernote.
  • Flickr, a photography sharing service from Yahoo, can be used as a source of photos to upload.
  • One more cloud storage service — you can OneDrive
  • VK.com, a.k.a “Vkontakte”, can also be used as a source of files to upload.

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