Image CDN

Image CDN is a Content Delivery Network designed for quick image distribution and smart optimization.

Like regular CDN, it hosts and delivers image files to users around the world via a distributed network of servers but additionally, it also has built-in functionalities like adaptive quality, blur, smart crop, and watermark overlay.

Image processing operations help to optimize image size so that it is still of high quality and does not show any signs of visual artifacts. Additionally, our CDN allows you to place your logo or convert a format automatically thus letting you manipulate your image to the final, desired version without engaging any third-party tools.

Well-designed image CDN is able to detect devices in real-time and serve the image that matches the devices' preferred format resulting in faster page load times, improved user experience, and better SEO rankings.

Simple example? When an Alaska user requests an image, the image is served from the server closest to Alaska, reducing the distance the data needs to travel, and improving the loading speed.

Image CDN also will detect the device, resize and change the format of the image accordingly, reducing the transferred size and therefore decreasing transfer expenses.

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