A hassle-free tool that crops images in a flash

Uploadcare provides you with an automated image cropping tool to help you get rid of all that manual hassle and focus on vital business tasks, not tweaking images.

Crop images in the way that’s best for you

Out-of-the-box solutions may not always entirely fit your needs. Uploadcare provides a whole set of features to make sure everyone finds the right match.
Regular Crop
Automatically crops images using specified dimensions and coordinates.
Scale Crop
Scales down an image to the specified dimensions to fit as much of your image as possible into a box.
Smart Crop
Uses content-aware mechanics to identify important objects in a photo and crop the rest.

Put image cropping on autopilot

Both regular and scale crop are useful if you have specific requirements. Smart crop helps you automate all common cases — just specify what’s important and the AI-based algorithm will crop the rest.
Human faces
Detects faces to generate nice-looking profile photos and image thumbnails.
Important objects
Focuses on the product and removes all unnecessary details from the product photo.
Corner points
Finds a brand or logo in a picture so you can use it on landing pages and in product photos.

Why use Uploadcare to crop your images

As easy as a few clicks
All Uploadcare transformations are done via a CDN by simply adding parameters to the link — no additional software or manual work.
Any format you need
Smart Crop works with the most common web image formats including GIF, WebP, PNG, and JPEG.
Bulk cropping
You can import and crop multiple images at once, for instance, to adapt your all images to a new website design.
No manual supervision
Uploadcare leverages well-tested AI-based algorithms so you don’t need to double-check the result — automate image cropping with confidence.
Save time and resources
Automation dramatically decreases your IT department’s workload and cuts costs for developing in-house file handling solutions.

Crop images the easiest way possible

We believe that not a minute should be spent on tasks that can be easily automated. Pick the image cropping method that’s right for you and let Uploadcare handle it all at once.