The ultimate file uploader with cloud storage and backups

We’re sure you have more exciting things to do rather than build an uploading service from scratch. Set up our cloud File Uploader in minutes and carry on creating your next-gen Reddit or Amazon.

Save the day with our cloud uploading service

Uploadcare is an out-of-the-box cloud infrastructure, not a chunk of code to deal with. Made with developers in mind, it takes on all the media handling, so that you can focus on your product.
Enable file uploads in less than an hour
Use our free API keys and deploy the File Uploader through CDN, npm, or bower. There are also 40+ ready integrations.
Customize and fine-tune the look and behavior
Decide which docs to accept, and whether to shrink or enable editing. Visual styles can be inherited or adjusted via CSS.
No bugs or crashes. Just set up and chill
Our File Uploader is battle-tested on high-load projects. All uploads go to cloud storage with 99.9% uptime SLA.
Brilliant loading speed, polished widgets, rich API, and top-notch support is what makes Uploadcare supreme.Alexander Isora, Founder, Unicorn Platform

No matter how large, files are fetched in a snap

Uploadcare is backed up by a bi-directional image CDN, which means that it speeds up both uploads and delivery. Thanks to the 175 distributed worldwide data centers, there’s no waiting time at any stage.

A cloud-nine uploading experience for customers

  • Uploads are safe and secure
    Uploadcare is GDPR and HIPAA compliant, so you don’t need to worry about personal data.
  • No file is too large
    Users don’t have to bother resizing large files before uploading. The Uploader handles it all.
  • Built-in image editor
    Unlike most cloud uploaders, Uploadcare lets end users crop and enhance images after uploading.

Why developers choose Uploadcare over all the other free cloud uploaders

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Uploadcare makes uploading images a piece of cake. I’ve been using it in production for over a year and it has been awesome. The support is really good and the product is solid.
Finbarr Taylor,
Software Engineer
Finbarr Taylor,
Software Engineer

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Kill two birds with one stone: cut engineering costs with our no-code cloud solution and create an awesome customer experience. Best-in-class data security and load speed guaranteed.