Hassle-free file uploads for your WordPress website

A ready-made solution for uploading and handling media files that can be seamlessly integrated with your WordPress site. Files of up to 5 TB are fetched and delivered on the fly.

So much more than just an “Upload File” button

  • Forget about annoying errors
    Let your clients upload any file size & format, on any device & screen, in any browser they like.
  • Enable uploads in about 7 min
    Integrate File Uploader into your WordPress site in 3 easy steps and customize it yourself.
  • Create an amazing CX
    4x faster uploads will make your customers’ journey enjoyable, improving on-site engagement and conversions.
  • Make uploads safe and secure
    Uploadcare is GDPR and HIPAA compliant, so you don’t need to worry about personal data handling.
Brilliant loading speed, polished widgets, rich API, and top-notch support is what makes Uploadcare supreme.Alexander Isora, Founder, Unicorn Platform

No matter how large, files are fetched in a snap

Uploadcare is backed up by a bi-directional image CDN which speeds up both uploads and delivery. Thanks to the 175 distributed worldwide data centers, there’s no waiting time at any stage.

Forget about WordPress file upload limits

What could be more annoying than an error message in an upload form? File Uploader users will never have to deal with them anymore.
Choose files from...anywhere
14 sources like Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, camera, direct links, and more. It works in any browser.
Resize large files automatically
With Uploader, you don’t need to worry about the WordPress file upload limit. Upload as much as you want.
Upload any file format
Your end users are free to choose files of any possible format and size, including HTML.

A win-win for your business and clients

Don’t waste your storage
File Uploader hosts all files in the cloud so your WordPress storage doesn’t get overloaded by user-generated content.
Enable mobile uploads
Integrate a file uploading form into your app in a snap. No extra time and money needed to develop and maintain a file handling infrastructure.
Cut down on bandwidth
Uploader automatically scales down images before they get to the server, saving your clients’ bandwidth and the space in your cloud.

Comes with a WordPress file upload plugin

With our handy plugin on your WordPress admin panel, you can upload elements for your website interface just as comfortably as your users upload their files. One solution for everybody.

Uploads just the way your users expect

High adaptivity
Uploadcare works well and looks nice on any device, whether it’s a 320p smartphone screen or a 27-inch iMac.
Built-in editor
Uploader allows users to crop, edit, enhance, blur, sharpen, and filter images right in the upload widget.
Easy localization
Boosting your business worldwide? Uploader will instantly adapt to 30+ users’ languages.
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Uploadcare makes uploading images a piece of cake. I’ve been using it in production for over a year and it has been awesome. The support is really good and the product is solid.
Finbarr Taylor
CTO & founder
Finbarr Taylor
CTO & founder

File Uploader is brought to you by Uploadcare

Uploadcare is an end-to-end cloud platform that allows you to kill two birds with one stone: cut engineering costs thanks to a no-code infrastructure, and create an awesome customer experience.