A handy gif uploader for your website or app

Whether you need to set up GIF uploads from users or a friendly API, Uploadcare is here for you. Files of up to 5 TB are fetched from 14 possible sources and delivered around the globe on the fly.

Setting up GIF uploads is a no‑brainer

Uploadcare is an out-of-the-box infrastructure, not a chunk of code to deal with. Made with developers in mind, it takes care of all the file handling so you can focus on your product.
Enable GIF uploads in less than an hour
Get free API keys and deploy the File Uploader through CDN, npm, or bower, or enjoy 40+ ready integrations and plugins.
Not only GIFs, but other images, videos and docs too
Uploadcare can handle user-generated content of any type, including archives or docs with personal data.
No bugs or crashes. Just set up and chill
Our image and GIF uploader is battle-tested on high-load projects. All uploads go to cloud storage with a 99.9% uptime SLA.
Brilliant loading speed, polished widgets, rich API, and top-notch support is what makes Uploadcare supreme.Alexander Isora, Founder, Unicorn Platform

Convert GIF to video and improve customer experience

Video files are smaller and better in quality than GIFs, so it’s a great opportunity to enhance load speed and user experience. Convert GIF to MP4 or WebM just by applying the gif2video URL directive.

An outstanding GIF uploading experience for end users

  • No file is too large
    GIFs are always quite heavy. Uploadcare will cache them right after uploading, without bothering your end users.
  • 14+ uploading sources
    Instagram, local storage, URL, Dropbox, and Google Drive are just some of the sources your users can upload from.
  • Uploads are safe and secure
    Uploadcare is GDPR and HIPAA compliant, so you don’t need to worry about personal data.

Why choose Uploadcare over the other file uploaders?

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Uploadcare makes uploading images a piece of cake. I’ve been using it in production for over a year and it has been awesome. The support is really good and the product is solid.
Finbarr Taylor,
Software Engineer
Finbarr Taylor,
Software Engineer

Try our Uploader for GIFs, other images, videos and docs for free

Kill two birds with one stone: cut engineering costs thanks to a no‑code solution with zero maintenance and create an awesome customer experience. Best-in-class data security and load speed guaranteed.