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It doesn’t simply let you upload. It teleports. Any file, any size, any screen—up to 4X faster.

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$45 $27
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  • Any file type
  • 100 MB max file size
  • 12,000 uploads/mo
  • 40 GB traffic/mo
  • 80 GB storage
Uploader Plus
$75 $45
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  • Any file type
  • 100 MB max file size
  • 25,000 uploads/mo
  • 80 GB traffic/mo
  • 160 GB storage
Uploader Max
$125 $90
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  • Any file type
  • 100 MB max file size
  • 35,000 uploads/mo
  • 175 GB traffic/mo
  • 200 GB storage

Uploads just the way your users expect it

Whether your customers upload dozens of large images or confidential documents, Uploader never wastes their time, device battery, or bandwidth. Because we want your users to come back. And they will.
No “the file is too large” messages
Users don’t have to bother resizing large files before uploading.
Choose files from... anywhere
More than a dozen sources: local disk, URL, cloud services, and social media.
No submit button, no waiting time
The upload starts right at the moment when users select the file.

Designed with developers in mind

  • Installs the way you need it
    You can get the File Uploader directly from our Uploadcare CDN, or Install it through npm or bower.
  • Hassle-free maintenance
    Uploadcare does the hard work for you, so you don’t have to spend time on developing and maintaining.
  • Go live in a snap
    Within a few hours, you’ll have a working solution for handling user-generated content completely at your service.

The latest evolution of
<input type=“file”>

Easily moderate the uploaded content by setting rules for file validation.
Set general behavior and provide local attributes for particular widgets.
Implement client-side image optimization to reduce traffic costs.
Highly customizable
Make Uploader look like your own creation: redesign any item using CSS classes.
Make your uploading system compatible with SOC2, HIPAA, and more.
All of your uploads go to a storage that’s covered by an SLA and 99.9% uptime.

5 speed-up mechanics under the hood. Solid infrastructure behind accelerated performance and excellent UX.

Instant upload
The upload starts right at the moment when users select the file, not when they submit the form.
Bi-Directional CDN
The outbound traffic goes to the nearest data center first, which significantly accelerates the uploading process.
Chunks files over 20 MB
To maximize the usage of channel capacity, Uploader splits large files into smaller 5 MB pieces and starts uploading in batches.
Multi-File uploads
Upload and handle multiple files in one go using the max throughput.
Protects you from malware
An anti-virus system is embedded by default. If you want more, opt for the authentication-based uploading feature.

Integrations & Libraries

3 steps and your website or app gets integrated with Uploadcare just like 10,000+ others. Stay in your comfort zone with our variety of libs.
6 min to integrate
5 min to integrate
20 min to integrate
7 min to integrate
iOS / Swift
iOS / Objective-C
14 min to integrate
Angular 1
Angular 2+
16 min to integrate
6 min to integrate
19 min to integrate
20 min to integrate
19 min to integrate
Ruby on Rails
19 min to integrate
8 min to integrate

The world’s most innovative companies uses Uploader

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It’s the most painless, enjoyable flow out there. Awesome product. We all love Uploadcare dearly.
Chris Van Wiemeersch,
UX Engineer
Chris Van Wiemeersch,
UX Engineer

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