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Improving animated GIF performance with HTML5 video

Boost website performance by converting GIFs to videos. Learn why video outperforms GIFs and follow our guide to using FFmpeg and Uploadcare for converting.

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JPEG quality loss: why it happens and how to manage it

Being a lossy format, JPEG strips bits of data from the image. Find out how to avoid excessive quality loss when editing already compressed images.

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Developing an HTML5 file uploader with a PHP back end

Read this hands-on guide on how to create an HTML5 file uploader and find out if you should use a ready-made one

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Cumulative Layout Shift — the key to a website’s visual stability

This article explains the non-trivial importance of CLS as a part of Core Web Vitals and gives advice on improving the metric

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What is TBT (Total Blocking Time) in Lighthouse and why it matters

In this guide, you’ll learn what Total Blocking Time (TBT) is and how to improve your website responsiveness by reducing TBT

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First Input Delay (FID): website interactivity and responsiveness

In this article, you’ll learn about the First Input Delay metric, and find out ways to optimize it on your website

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What is TTI (Time To Interactive)? What does it say about your website?

Check out this Time to Interactive guide and find out how to identify performance bottlenecks and fix them

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What is Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) and how to improve it

Find out why Largest Contentful Paint is a good indicator of a website’s performance, and how to improve your LCP

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What is the Lighthouse Speed Index and why should you care?

Read this article to find out what affects the Lighthouse Speed Index and discover five the most effective ways to improve it in no time

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A handier Cloudinary alternative: Uploadcare. Review & comparison

Is there room for innovation in the world of file handling? Check out how Uploadcare performs in comparison to Cloudinary.

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What is First Contentful Paint and how to improve it

In this article, you will learn technical details about First Contentful Paint and the ways you can control and improve it

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What is Google Lighthouse and why you should use it

This article tells you about page speed performance and the important metrics Google Lighthouse can measure

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Responsive images vs Adaptive Delivery

An overview and comparison of two different approaches to responsive images: traditional manual setup and an automated flow by Uploadcare

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Lossless image compression. Quality over page speed?

See how you can benefit from using lossless image compression and automation tools

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How to convert docs to PDF with Uploadcare and show them in a browser

Learn how to convert documents to PDF and use them in a browser

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