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ECMAScript modules. Going beyond the ordinary

How to import non-JavaScript files in ESM without bundlers, loaders, and npm install the-whole-world

Fighting JPEG color banding

How to compress JPEG even more without losing in visual quality

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JPEG quality loss: why it happens and how to manage it

Being a lossy format, JPEG strips bits of data from the image. Find out how to avoid excessive quality loss when editing already compressed images.

Fast import of Pillow images to NumPy / OpenCV arrays

This article will show a more effective way to convert images from Pillow to NumPy / Open CV with only two memory copies. Working code inside.

Vulnerability in HTML design: the script tag

This post highlights a fundamental vulnerability in HTML design that can eventually lead to website vulnerability. Read to learn more.

How Uploadcare built a stack that handles 500M file API requests per day

Upload API, REST API, and CDN API are the building blocks that helped Uploadcare to handle 500M file API requests per day. What else is in the stack?

How to accelerate image resizing without screwing up

In this blog post, you’ll learn about the mistakes you may come across while trying to speed up image resizing and how to avoid them

The fastest production-ready image resize out there. Part 1. General optimizations

The true story of how Uploadcare engineers developed the fastest production-ready image resize engine out there

The fastest production-ready image resize. Part 0

Learn how Uploadcare engineers found out how to resize images on Intel processors faster than Intel itself

Image resize in browsers is broken

If you’ve ever tried to downscale an image using a web browser, you’ve probably noticed that it looks like it’s been through a grinder. Here’s how to fix it!