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New in Uploadcare Dashboard: Files Panel, webhook orchestration, and Workspace

New Uploadcare Dashboard tools for handling files, configuring webhooks, and managing multiple projects.

How to upload files using JavaScript

Learn how to upload files with JavaScript. Implement multipart uploads, validate file type and size, develop file upload progress bar and drag-and-drop.

How to extract colors from your images with Uploadcare

Learn how to extract colors from your images with Uploadcare. Make three simple steps

How to upload files in Angular

A practical guide on building an Angular application to upload and process media. Latest trends in file management for professionals and best practices for beginners.

How to upload files in React

In this article you will learn how to write a file-uploading logic in React

We asked ChatGPT how to use our service. Here is what AI answered

To be honest, we did not expect what we've get

Don’t get slowed down by DIY building a digital product. Integrate

When building a digital product, the choice between integrating a solution and DIY is often the choice between a rocket and a snail. Here’s why.

How a solo founder launched a no-code marketplace in 2 months

Read this post to find out how a solo founder launched a CV assessment web service in two months without hiring a development team

6 proven techniques to load an image-heavy website faster

This article will introduce some of the most effective techniques to make your image-heavy website load faster and improve your overall web performance

7 Reasons to Use CDN for Images

Read this post to explore 7 undeniable reasons why you should use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to manage your images

Color recognition: extract dominant colors from any image automatically

The Color Recognition feature can automate a lot of your routine tasks. How? Read this post to find out about the most common use cases and try it yourself.

The what, why, and how of progressive JPEG

What is progressive JPEG, why is it important, and how can you convert your JPEGs to progressive? Find all the answers in this post.

Lossless image compression. Quality over page speed?

See how you can benefit from using lossless image compression and automation tools

How to convert docs to PDF with Uploadcare and show them in a browser

Learn how to convert documents to PDF and use them in a browser

Face Blur: provide visual anonymity with just a few clicks

Uploadcare face blur app with built-in face detection allows you to blur faces in photos easily to protect the privacy of people throughout your website

Serverless file upload for Meteor applications

Learn how to add file upload capabilities to your Meteor.js app and automate upload, storage and delivery of images, videos and docs

How to upload files from a Marketo form

Create easy-to-use upload forms on your Marketo landing pages with the ability to attach images, videos, PDFs, and any other files you need

Enhance images on the fly: how to achieve better quality with less effort

Uploadcare’s online image enhancer automatically improves image exposure, colors, sharpness and overall image quality. Learn how it works.

How to upload files to Jotform with Uploadcare in four easy steps

How to upload files to Jotform with Uploadcare File Uploader, explained in four easy steps

How to upload files to Wix with Uploadcare step-by-step

Just a FEW Lines of Code! ➔Learn how to integrate Uploadcare File Uploader in Wix with HTML and let your users upload media and MUCH more.

Meet smart crop by Uploadcare

Uploadcare Smart Crop uses AI to automatically crop your image so that only the important things remain. Learn how it works.

Uploadcare Smart Resize: AI-powered image size adjustment without distortion

Uploadcare Smart Resize is an AI-based feature that can change image size automatically and without distortion. Learn how it works.

How to upload files to WordPress with Uploadcare: a step-by-step guide

Uploadcare WordPress Upload plugin powers up your site with media and image uploads, cloud storage, CDN, and more

Face & object recognition: teach your website to see through images

Learn how you can easily teach your website image identification, so it automatically tells you what is there in the picture

A guide to secure file uploads: how to make your website bullet-proof

A list of best practices that help you secure your file upload service and prevent your website from the most common upload-related attacks

What is an image CDN?

An Image CDN provides image optimization on the fly while enabling visual effects and filters. Let’s see how it works.

How to optimize eLearning content to meet high demand

A guide on how to optimize eLearning content during peak internet usage times. These technologies will help you deliver a smooth eLearning experience.

Quality of Experience: the ultimate stat of video content delivery

QoE is the ultimate stat for video content delivery. Learn how to keep it high and protect your online business from the threat of unexpected traffic surges.

File uploader and its six speed up mechanics under the hood

In this article, you’ll learn what mechanics turn a file uploader into a rapid tool for easily handling uploaded files

How to accelerate web performance to improve customer experience

There’s a connection between web performance and business achievements. How to avoid losses due to low response time in 2020? Find the answer right here.

Uploadcare on social networks and cloud servers security

Uploadcare allows users to upload files from social networks and cloud services. Is it really safe? Find the answer in this article.

Cloud file systems are the new black

Cloud file systems are a modern way to manage the entire media lifecycle for your website, from uploading a file to the time it’s perfectly displayed