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The non-contradictory approach to day planning

German, our popular author of articles on image processing and repository management, is also a time management champion. Here, he shares his experience with planning his day extremely efficiently using a three-dimensional model.

Start using the Uploadcare extension for Google Chrome

This is an article by the author of Uploadcare Google Chrome extension, Raghav Dhingra. Continue reading in order to learn about using his creation and the flow of creating your own browser extensions.

Best image CDN providers comparison

You’ll get to know a more about companies that claim to speed up the delivery of your web content

Three absolute must-haves to improve retail customer experience in 2021

Learn how to meet the new shopper demands and make a difference by providing an omnichannel, personalized, and efficient customer experience

The world’s biggest websites went down because of a CDN outage

Find out why major websites like Amazon, Twitter, and Pinterest went down, and how to avoid similar outages in the future

Infographics: the state of online Customer Experience (CX) in eCommerce 2021

We evaluated 5000 online retailers against Google’s benchmarks and the results are unsettling. Glance through the key figures or download the full report

A list of the most common image file extensions

Learn everything you need to know about the most common image file extensions and find out how to automate your image formatting once and for all

Cheat sheet: mapping out a powerful file handling system

Get an example of a tech spec for file handling functionality with all the traps and pitfalls. Downloadable cheat sheet included.

How to increase resolution of images throughout your website

Increasing resolution of images is an easy task, if there’s one image. But what about hundreds of images? Learn how to do it with Uploadcare.

Best practices for managing user-generated content

This article will tell you everything you need to know about managing user-generated content on your website, from file uploading to delivery

Image optimization for WordPress

Learn how to optimize images for WordPress, choose nextgen image formats, and compress and boost your page loading speed

Uploadcare wins 2020-21 Cloud Award for best B2B customer strategy

We're thrilled to announce that Uploadcare has been named the winner in the Best B2B Customer Strategy category. Check out this post to learn more.

Get your ducks in a row: Google rolls out its page experience update in May 2021

Everything you need to know about the upcoming May update with hands-on tips from Google and Uploadcare experts

The complete guide to implementing file uploading

Discover everything you need to know to implement file uploading capabilities in your app or website and collect images, videos and docs from users

Google December core update: a big win or an Algorithmageddon?

The Google core algorithm update rolled out on December 16th, and we already have some insights to share. Get a quick review with comments from SEO experts.

They all shall pass: a guide to handling large file uploads

Planning to enable large file uploads for end users or for the team? Here are all the challenges you can run into and their possible solutions.

Uploadcare gets shortlisted at The Cloud Awards 2020-2021

Uploadcare made it to the shortlist for Best B2B Customer Strategy, Best PaaS, and Cloud Project of the Year nominations at The Cloud Awards

How to change the file type of a document programmatically

What are the best ways to automatically change the file type of a document for your website? This article will help to find the answer.

Infographics: 5 eCommerce metrics you can improve through better web performance

Get ready for actionable insights on how to grow such metrics as the total number of visits, conversions, and active customers

Uploadcare reaches the finals of the DevOps Dozen Awards 2020

Uploadcare made it to the finals of the DevOps Dozen Awards 2020 in the Best End-to-End DevOps Tool/Service category. Read this post to learn more!

A handier Cloudinary alternative: Uploadcare. Review & comparison

Is there room for innovation in the world of file handling? Check out how Uploadcare performs in comparison to Cloudinary.

How to optimize pictures for better website performance

Images are the biggest culprits of slow web pages, so optimizing your pictures can solve most of your performance issues. Read the article to find out more.

The guide to eCommerce metrics. Part 5. Technology costs

Download a free report or read an extended review of technology costs in ecommerce. Structure of an IT budget and practical tips included.

The guide to eCommerce metrics. Part 4. Ecommerce conversion rate

Learn about the conversion rate and its optimization in ecommerce. You’ll find out which CR is OK and what is needed to boost it for your online store

Create visually appealing shots with 40 photo filters by Uploadcare

Implement tone, shade, contrast, saturation, and color adjustment with our preset photo effects in just a few clicks

The guide to eCommerce metrics. Part 3. The number of active customers

Learn about one of the key metrics for ecommerce and how to grow it. You will find some practical tips based on Amazon strategy analysis and recent trends

Black Friday is coming: get your website ready for the holiday rush

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season is almost here! Use this checklist and make sure your website is ready for the huge spike in traffic.

5 innovative ways to handle user-generated media content

You’ll learn how to manage user-generated content and automate its handling so that you can establish trust with prospects and showcase positive CX

The guide to eCommerce metrics. Part 2. Pages viewed per shopping session

Learn about one of the most important engagement ecommerce metrics: pages viewed per session. Lots of fresh stats and industry examples included.

The guide to eCommerce metrics. Part 1. The total number of visits

Learn about the total number of visits and how this metric differs from other top-of-the-funnel metrics. A concise downloadable report is included.

The ultimate guide to eCommerce metrics. Intro

Learn how to craft a set of metrics for your business, and enjoy our long list of possible ecommerce metrics distributed throughout the sales funnel

We talked to Uploadcare users and here's what we've learned

We’ve conducted a customer survey to find out exactly how Uploadcare helps businesses grow

Automate format and quality selection for all your images with Uploadcare

This post provides an overview of the most common image formats, and shows you how you can automate format and quality selection for all your images

Responsive images vs Adaptive Delivery

An overview and comparison of two different approaches to responsive images: traditional manual setup and an automated flow by Uploadcare

Everything you wanted to know about image optimization: definition, methods, and best tools

Let’s dive into the nuts and bolts of image optimization and give a clear definition, plus methods and automation tools

What is digital transformation in retail and why focus on customer experience

Why go online and which technology to adopt to outperform competitors? Learn about digital transformation in retail and start growing revenues ASAP.

How to become an eLearning market leader during the pandemic. Research by Uploadcare

New research by Uploadcare explains how to boost the web performance of eLearning websites and tells why it’s especially important during the pandemic

Elearning industry after lockdown: challenges, trends, and opportunities

What’s changed after lockdown, how to cope with those changes, where do new opportunities lie — read this eLearning news digest to find out

How enhanced CX can boost 11 business metrics. New report by Uploadcare

Read this report to find out how you can enhance the customer experience on your website, and how it can influence real business metrics

5 popular image upload services overview

Cloudinary alternatives, Filestack alternatives, Uploadcare competitors — all in one place. Pick the right service for you to handle images and other files.

How retailers can accelerate their digital transformation projects

To ensure optimized web performance for retailers, Uploadcare has collected a list of 4 affordable strategies that will help boost your sales

8 tips for SEO image optimization

SEO requires an integrated approach — each page element must be properly designed and optimized. Pictures are content as well, so let’s handle them too.

The top 5 trends that shape retail customer experience in 2021

We’ve handpicked the top 5 patterns that define the retail customer experience in the post-pandemic world. Read on to cater to the new consumer demands.

How to hack online sales by improving your website performance

Learn how to influence such ecommerce metrics as the number of transactions, conversion, and abandoned cart rates by making your website faster

Explainer: how to add a File Uploader to your website

With Uploadcare, you get a full-featured website uploader with a built-in image editor and cloud storage out of the box. Read this guide to find out more.

Five steps to better responsive images

Learn how you can save on traffic and effort by implementing automated responsive images with Uploadcare

Image CDN can speed up your website by 900%

In this article, you’ll learn the best image hacks to improve speed and quality of your images

A formula for efficient online image manipulations by Uploadcare

Easily crop, resize, sharpen, blur, or perform any manipulations with images for your website online. Uploadcare works on the fly by simply changing the URL.

Image manipulations on the fly using only URL parameters

Manipulate your images easily by appending simple parameters to the URL. Crop, resize, align, enhance, and build face and object detection with less effort.

The future of image optimization: Uploadcare webinar highlights

Adaptive Delivery is part of a state-of-the-art full-stack image CDN powered by Uploadcare. Boost your image performance with just a few lines of code.

Python libraries to compress & resize images fast

What Python library should you choose for image compression, resizing, and reducing file size? Pillow PL and others provide tools and methods.

Uploading images to your website using Uploadcare

Discover how to upload an image to a website with Uploadcare step by step, and learn more about the numerous benefits of this service.

We found a way to optimize a Shopify site by 6x. Here’s how

How to optimize a Shopify site or Shopify mobile? All you need to know about Shopify optimization using the Adaptive Delivery by Uploadcare.

Uploadcare webinar: the future of image optimization on the web

Save your seat at a free webinar or get an on-demand recording to learn how image optimization helps online retailers improve their CX and their bottom line

PHP image resizing & optimization

Resizing and optimizing images with plain PHP, using third-party solutions and open source libraries. JPEG compression and other mechanisms.

Optimize JPEG images for the web without losing quality

Optimize JPEG images for the web without losing quality

How to improve your website during the quarantine (so it pays off after it too)

As more users come online, web services have to face two challenges: traffic surges and, surprisingly, decreasing conversion. Here’s the solution.

Make sure your website endures increasing online activity

Learn how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the digital space and how you can help your website handle surges in traffic and internet speed declines

To infinity and beyond with Adaptive Image Delivery

Optimizing and serving images to any device has never been easier. Learn how a single line of code can help you run adaptive delivery.

Key image optimizations to maximize your Google PageSpeed score

A step-by-step guide to optimizing images with a CDN’s URL directives to get rid of Google PageSpeed image-related issues